The Sleep Concierge

The Sleep Concierge is the brainchild of Sally Woods, a registered paediatric nurse and certified baby sleep consultant. Sally has big dreams for her small business: to become an authority in baby and toddler sleep here in Australia.

I worked with Sally in 2022 and 2023 across all aspects of The Sleep Concierge’s digital marketing: developing a digital marketing strategy, redesigning the website, creating email marketing and social media marketing templates and working hand-in-hand with Sally on the regular output of her marketing content across all platforms. 

When Sally first came to me, she had an incredible product, valuable services and huge ambition, but her website and overall online presence were holding her back. 

Sally mentioned her inspirations included Go-To Skincare and their ability to toe the line between playful yet authoritative. With that in mind, I took Sally’s existing brand assets: a logo and two colours, and expanded upon it to produce a visual identity that is engaging and memorable. 

As I soon learned working with Sally, there is so much information to communicate on how and why baby’s sleep patterns develop over time. So, The Sleep Concierge blog section needed to be easy to navigate to allow tired, stressed mums to be able to quickly find the answer they were looking for. We decided upon top-line categories to file blogs under, and I made those categories filterable for those who wanted to explore a particular aspect of baby sleep in-depth, while also providing a search field to provide immediate answers to specific questions.

The Sleep Concierge also required a website that could sell three different kinds of products (digital guides, online consults and affiliate linked products) in a way that felt cohesive despite their differing checkout journeys.

I implemented the same charismatic identity across The Sleep Concierge’s email marketing and social media marketing assets, to create a cohesive and impactful digital presence.

Finally, I have worked with Sally in an ongoing capacity with regular marketing meetings to help her maintain a consistent flow of content from her website through to email newsletters and social media content.

“Working with Penny has been nothing short of a transformative experience for my business. From the get-go, Penny demonstrated a deep understanding of my work, quickly grasping the intricacies and nuances of my business. Her commitment to the success of my business was evident in every interaction and task she undertook, making me feel like she was genuinely invested in our collective success.

Penny’s talent for adopting the perfect tone and voice for my brand was remarkable. She managed to convey my brand message with an authenticity that truly resonated with our audience, further helping to build a strong connection and trust with our community.

Her graphical work was simply wonderful. The visuals she created were not only eye-catching and engaging, but they also perfectly encapsulated the essence of my brand. Her aesthetics significantly contributed to enhancing the overall image and perception of my business.

Our monthly meetings were always a highlight. Every discussion felt like catching up with a friend, rather than a routine work meeting. Penny’s warm, friendly demeanor, coupled with her professionalism, made these sessions enjoyable and highly productive.

As someone who is far from tech-savvy, the prospect of creating a website seemed like a daunting task. However, Penny made the process effortless and stress-free. Penny truly understood my personality and ethos, acknowledging my desire to be unique in my field. She was able to capture the essence of my work in baby sleep without resorting to typical, cutesy designs. Instead, she brilliantly used color and fun elements to make my website stand out, creating a distinct and memorable online presence. Her problem-solving skills were exceptional.

Penny tackled every technical challenge that arose, persisting until she found a solution. Her determination to deliver a flawless website was evident in her meticulous attention to detail. Today, I am incredibly proud to direct my clients to my website, and I owe it all to Penny’s fantastic work. I would have been lost without her expertise and guidance.

Working with Penny has been an absolute pleasure. Her expertise, commitment, and innovative approach to digital marketing have made a significant difference to my business. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking to elevate their brand and engage their audience in a meaningful way.”

Sally Woods, The Sleep Concierge

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