Oh hey, I’m Penny

My career in digital marketing started back in 2012 *cue flashback chimes*; Myspace was out and Facebook was in, everyone had acclimated themselves to a “wall” and long since recovered from the trauma of choosing a Top 8. 

Since then, I’ve worked with a bevvy of small Australian businesses, both in-house, agency side and as a freelancer, across industries comprising fashion and retail, interior design, hospitality, health and nutrition, finance, real estate, fine arts, creatives and non-for-profit organisations in women’s crisis support and LGBTQIA+ issues. 

I have gained experience in all corners of digital marketing including copywriting, content creation, videography, web building, graphic design, e-commerce, SEO, email marketing, social media, and overall marketing strategy development.

These skills and many more have been collected and hard-won throughout my years of work in digital marketing with clients and employees including Spotlight, Gorman, The Jacky Winter Group, CERES’ Tamil Feasts, Creative Minds, Off-Line Supply Co., JAC&, Soap Club, Variety Hour Studio, Wendy Brooks & Partners, Pride Foundation Australia, The Open Arms and Gambol Creative.

My freelance writing has been published in Daily Life, Mamamia and SBS Sexuality. 

Why work with me?

Aside from my Master of Communications (RMIT) and over a decade of experience in all aspects of digital marketing, I have a genuine passion for creating the right environment for small businesses to thrive.

I love nothing more than creating a digital space for my clients that communicates their brands identity and values, while also serving their business goals. My happy place is setting you up for clear, consistent communication with your audience from all corners of your digital presence. 

I’m passionate about working with businesses and creatives who are making a real difference in this world. A clear through-line with my clients has been their connection to community and social change, and being able to empower these businesses to grow is what drives me to keep doing what I do. 

Being a queer woman with ADHD working in a predominantly straight, male, neurotypical industry, I want to be the soft landing place for small business owners who need to hear that their best efforts are enough. 

I’m not here to entertain “hustle culture” and pressure you to meet the demands of how often each platform would like to you populate their feed. I’m more interested in working with business owners one-on-one to find a marketing strategy that is sustainable, consistently achievable, and wont land you in total burnout within a few months.

Work with me, and you won’t just find yourself working with a digital marketing professional, but a cheerleader and advocate for your brand, too. 

Kind words from clients...

I'm paying the rent

I am committed to reconciliation for the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people of so-called Australia. 1% of my income is donated to Pay The Rent each month to support Indigenous people and communities.

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