Palestine Australia Relief and Action

Formed in November of 2023, Palestine Australia Relief and Action (PARA) is a grassroots organisation harnessing the power and passion of everyday Australians to create support networks for Palestinians fleeing from Gaza. 

Over the summer of 2023/24 I donated my time to build a website for PARA that serves as a point of contact for anyone who needs support or wants to give it. I also provided assistance with brand identity development, social media graphic template design and online fundraising.

Through the site, but mostly thanks to the incredible team of volunteers who are working behind the scenes to field the incoming inquiries, PARA have been able to shepherd the thousands of requests for assistance from Palestinians seeking asylum in Australia and raise hundreds of thousands in donations to support these incoming refugees. 

This is such an important cause, I was honoured that the PARA Board put their trust in me to assist them with creating such an important asset to their organisation. 

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