Gambol Creative

Gambol Creative is a new advertising services agency by Camey O’Keefe. Known to most as one of the regular panelists on ABC’s Gruen since 2016, Camey has also made her name in the industry among advertising giants such as BWM Dentsu, Freeform Creative, GTB, Trout and Milkbar Digital. 

I worked with Camey to produce the second iteration of Gambol’s website, and the launch of her new service offering, Suit School: a 12 week immersive course for advertising suits rooted in play-based creative ideation, improving both internal collaboration and client output. 

A main consideration of the design was toeing the line between playful and professional, ensuring that the website conveys the sense of whimsy and spirit that is innate in Gambol’s offerings, while still being able to speak to decision makers. 

This was such a fun project to work on!

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