Pride Foundation Australia

I began working with Pride Foundation Australia in 2020. They had just completed an organisational rebrand that provided them with a new name, as well as a new logo and brand colours. However, they applied this identity across each digital platform differently, which left their overall communication with their audience feeling inconsistent. 

I worked with the board members of Pride Foundation Australia to identify how their website could be better navigated (since between donors, small and large grant applicants, volunteers and corporate partners, PFA have a number of audiences who use the site in different ways), and to better communicate what it is the non-for-profit actually does (since it’s already sort of hard to understand even with clear messaging). 

The new website, alongside my work on PFA’s digital marketing output, has provided a cleaner platform to deliver news about the organisation’s growth, promote upcoming grants and communicate how PFA’s work is having an increasing impact on LGBTQIA+ Australian Communities. It has also allowed them to broaden their audience and increase the number of donations from individuals and businesses, as well as garner more sponsors and corporate partners year on year. 

"Penny is providing a wonderful breath of fresh air as our marketing coordinator at Pride Foundation Australia. She is preparing all of our social media posts and our regular newsletters to our donors, as well as advising us on our marketing strategies. She is bringing humour and contemporary ideas to our messaging. Her work ethic is strong and committed, and she appropriately checks in regularly to be sure that she is on the right track. We are very grateful to have her expertise benefiting our work."
Dr Ruth McNair OAM
Board Chair, Pride Foundation Australia

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